Policy Reform

Produced alongside our partners, the briefs identify the driving forces of incarceration trends and their effects on key populations, including but not limited to trans women. Through a gender-sensitive perspective, we put forth concrete policy recommendations for decisionmakers to take action.
Our commentary includes the latest statements and analyses on the recent trends of women, drug policy and incarceration with input from key partners.

These guides—the firsts of its kind—offer a roadmap for officials and reform advocates for implementing policy changes that could benefit the thousands of women incarcerated on drug charges across the Americas.

Innovative Approaches highlight various programs and legal reforms from around the world that promote more effective and humane drug policies. The overall goal of this tool is to reduce incarceration rates, protect human rights, address public health concerns related to drug use, and assist individuals in transitioning back into their communities after their release.
WOLA’s Women and Incarceration work has been featured across a number of publications, media, and international events. Find our research and advocacy efforts here.